Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Student Quote About Research

I was really glad to see this on one of my students' blogs:

"Becoming a teacher is not a singular process with a beginning and an end. We won't walk out of this university with all of the knowledge we will need in order to be effective teachers. In fact, we will walk out of here with only a small portion of the knowledge that we will come to use in our classrooms, it will be up to us to supplement that knowledge. Practical experience is ultimately the best source of this knowledge, but by no means the only source. If we come upon a problem that falls outside our skill set, we--as teachers--will turn to other resources for help. It will be necessary to be able to assess the validity of those resources. Having an understanding of research methods will enable us to be more critical consumers of information."

Exactly what I want them to learn and what I hope other adults will pursue, as well.

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